The Place

The ROOTS camp is located in Austria in the so-called “Bucklige Welt”. Pigs, goats, woods and meadows: our new camp is in Bromberg, 5 km south of Seebenstein, and can be easily reached from Vienna (1 hour) and Graz (1.5 hours) by car via the A2 motorway (Südautobahn).

Since early summer of 2014, yurts, teepees and a fire kitchen on a wonderfully quiet organic farm in the Bucklige Welt have been at our disposal for a life in nature. Ponds, streams and wild flowers, fruit trees, berries and vegetables and the expanse of forests around us make up our new surroundings when we visit the ROOTS Camp.


The area comprises 4 hectares of meadow, fields and forest and is run as permaculture farm. We get water from our own spring, the wood from the forest and we pick most of our food in the large permaculture garden around the camp. Milk and eggs are available from the farm. A paradise – just as we would like it to be!


This means pools and terraces, fruit, berries and vegetables in abundance and incredible variety. More than a thousand fruit trees and just as many berry bushes. The camp itself is located on several sunny terraces in the northeast corner of the site, right next to its own stream. We have our own water source in drinking water quality.


The fields are tilled and turned over by free-range pigs and seeds are sown in a mixed culture – we get our food directly from these fields. Six goats provide us with milk and 50 chickens give us enough eggs for us all. Trout and freshwater shrimps frolic in the ponds.

The forests all around are known for mushrooms such as boletus (porcino), chanterelles and totem trumpets. Oyster mushrooms, shiitaki mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms and brown caps are grown on the farm.


The mountain Hohe Wacht (735m) lies across from the camp and a slightly longer (1.5 hours) walk takes us to the Thernberg castle ruins.

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