Family Camp 2024

We invite people who enjoy being in nature without cell phones, electricity or time constraints. Singles, couples, families with children, single fathers and mothers, young people and the elderly!

We make sure that you have a very good time at our comfortable camp with straw beds and soft carpets. We do simple things that we rarely take the time to do in everyday life: hike to the bakery and get fresh bread or to the farmer’s wife for fresh milk, picking fruit and cooking it, dancing in the rain, making music … what do you like doing and how would you like to participate?

The Family Camp is:

  • Free of smart phones
  • Sleeping in a tepee or in your own tent
  • Barefoot in nature
  • Playing with the children
  • Kind and warm-hearted talk-circles after the “Circle Way”
  • Cooking at the campfire
  • Ding nothing, sometimes alone and sometimes with others
  • Taking Care of Each Other

We provide the opportunity for people who live alone or who are single parents to meet up. Work is divided among all those who are there, easing the burden of childcare and cooking. You will have the time to simply be. Here and now.

It’s Important to Us to be Offline!

A camp free of smart phones helps us achieve our goals. It would be best to simply leave your phone at home after letting the world know you’ll be awa for a few days. We have repeatedly seen how miraculous it is when being permanently reachable falls away – calm and serenity are the results!

The Circle Way

We organise our time together according to the example of the Manitonquat Medicine Story in the “Circle Way. The “Circle Way” is a mode of communication free of hierarchy in which a mindful heart, being centred on listening and being listened to free of judgement takes place.

Dates 2024

  • 25. – 29. 03.
  • 08. – 12. 05.
  • 17. – 20. 05.
  • 29. – 02. 06.
  • 26. – 30. 08.
  • 02. – 06. 09.

ROOTS Camp, Stögersbach 15, 2833, Bromberg

The number of participants is limited in order to maintain a good ratio of children to adults.

Costs 5 days:

Adults (14 and older): € 295,-

€ 320,- or € 350,-

Children from 6 to 14: € 120,-

Children under 6: free of charge

Costs 4 days:

Adults (14 and older): € 235,-

€ 255,- or € 280,-

Children from 6 to 14: € 100,-

Children under 6: free of charge

Those of you who are interested in coming but have financial difficulties, please contact us in confidence.

What to Bring:

Sleeping bag, camping mattress, rain gear, musical instruments – the less the better!




ROOTS Association

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A-3424 Zeiselmauer

Stögersbach 15
A-2833 Bromberg

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