The ROOTS Camp is a place of primal childhood. A place in which to pause, reflect and let go.

At the Roots Camp we simply “pull the plug” on regular life in order to feel our own rhythm and to just be there in the moment.  Once we get home and start up our computers again, we are likely to be able to do this in a more conscious way and hopefully with a fresh take on the digital world. 

We believe that experiencing nature and experiencing ourselves in successful relationships with others brings us closer to our own originally true nature.

And we believe that this is exactly what the world urgently needs: well-grounded men, women and children in peace with themselves and the opposite sex, cautiously passing on our planet to our children as a world worth living in.

Our camp is located in a large meadow with springs and streams, berries and fruit trees – an organic farm with pigs, chickens, dogs and goats. It is:

  • a place for barefoot walkers, rangers and fire makers
  • a place at the edge of the forest with a yurt, tepees and open fire places
  • a place for children’s holidays, digital time-out, conversation

We keep watch over a place where soil is not equated with “dirty”, smoke is not synonymous with “stench” and where insects are encountered with curiosity and respect and not with fear or loathing.

We provide a space where we can discover ourselves in the here and now – as a woman and a mother, as a man and a father, as a daughter, as a son, as a child.

In order to do this, we leave behind electricity, clocks, mirrors and entertainment.

This means getting up when it gets light and going to bed when the sun goes down, eating when we are hungry and resting when we are tired. We can and want to do what we feel like doing without time restraints.

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Mission “Offline”

We have ended up with no social life without our smartphones – Instagram, WhatsApp groups, SnapChat, Twitter and – the proof of existence – our FaceBook profile.

We wander around in circles rather helplessly, we stagger under the sheer weight and speed of all-encompassing technological change. What are we supposed to do now? What is real? What is still true? What are valid values for us and our children?

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