Digital Timeouts are important for our health!

So we find ourselves in a world in which the mobile phone is central to our social existence, guarantees participation in the economy and in social interaction. An immensely powerful internet lobby has one-sidedly “blessed” us with the “gifts” of online life and continues to seduce us into more and more. At ROOTS Camp we really want to deliberately spend time outside of the every-day. And "outside of the every-day“ means not being online. It has shown that a place like this is a place where we can land and arrive - a landing place in the conscious here-and-now. We would like to say: "Switch off. Decide for yourselves. It works - and you will relax completely!"


Kids Holiday Camps 2024



1st July to 23rd August

A week of fun with campfires, tents, streams and forests for barefoot walkers, rangers and fire makers.

For young people from 6-16 years
Donation suggestion: 5 days € 390,- (all inclusive)
(Courtesy price on request)

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Family Camps 2024

2015 Gruppenfoto Kopie


Easter  to September

We invite people who enjoy being in nature without cell phones, electricity or time constraints. Singles, couples, families with children, single fathers and mothers, young people and the elderly!

Adults (from 14) : € 320,-
Children from 6 to 14 years: 120,-
Children up to 6 Jahre free
(Courtesy price on request)

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Nomadic Hiking



This is an “experience week” for 30 students

During this week we become walking companions, we give ourselves up to the route we end up taking and build trust in one-another. We move through the countryside in search of food and suitable places to sleep. We do away with our cell phones and enjoy not being reachable on our phones.

Age: from 16 Years
Duration: 5 Days
Fee: € 365,- per Person (with 30 participants)
(Courtesy price on request)

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