Das ROOTS Camp bis 16

When we began with the ROOTS Camp in 2003 it was supposed to be for children between 6 and 12 years old. In the meantime, these children have grown up and a number of them still want to come. They are naturally more than welcome! This is how we raised our upper age limit to 16.

So, we have grown slowly as have the children from the early camps. Some of the children are now 19, 20 years old. Our children’s camp has become a clan! A clan with small ones and big ones. And it works wonderfully!

Especially the children who have known the ROOTS Camp for a long time have become very valuable bearers of the camp’s history. They know exactly what we do here, how, where and when and what not and this naturally rubs off onto the new ones.

So we officially invite the 13 to 16-year-olds into the circle of the grown-ups and ask them to be good role models – we ask them to be the bridge between us and the little ones and sometimes we ask them to give us a hand.

We clearly recognize that creating a group of children – boys and girls from very small together with young adults results in something very homogeneous and self-contained. It’s nice to see how they look after each other and how something like a clan – a big family – is formed in the safe framework that we as adults provide for them.

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