Courtesy Prices

I don’t only find the concept of “social pricing” offensive, it also implies certain truths. It is the designation that determines the content.

I know from my own experience what it costs to raise children. I also know what it takes to focus on making money when you’re a father. I know the dichotomy and the doubts, the feelings of guilt and the allegation: “Dad, you are never there!” But I also know what it is like when you have to admit – “I can no longer afford this language trip.” Ouch! – should I have concentrated more on the company after all? And finally – I don’t know what it is like for single parents, but I can well imagine it – things are always tight.

At the same time, we initially expected our prices to be viable but we found that we were under-charging. We do what we do partly at our own expense – we earn at the level of unskilled workers. That harms my self-respect – my dignity. We have subjected all our running costs to a thorough and careful examination and increased our prices appropriately – from the level of unskilled labor to the level of master craftsman.

But now to our offer regarding a courtesy price:

  • We have free places for three participants at each of our events.
  • Let us know what you can, want or feel you have to pay in order to remain courteous.
  • We will accept this without further ado.
  • Mail to:




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